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By Seed of Truth, Dec 8 2014 01:15PM

Chokehold death protest gets violent in California (Associated Press)

By Verena Dobnik

NEW YORK (AP) — Mostly peaceful protests of a grand jury's decision not to indict a white police officer in the chokehold death of an unarmed black man continued around the country, but authorities said a march in California turned violent when a splinter group smashed windows and threw objects at police.

By Seed of Truth, Dec 5 2014 07:50PM

NYPD Officer Who Fatally Choked Eric Garner Wasn't Indicted, Man Who Filmed the Incident Was(YAHOO NEWS)

Written by Ryan O'Connell

On the same day one grand jury decided not to indict officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man who was killed after being put in a chokehold last July, a different jury did indict 22-year-old Ramsey Orta, the man who captured Garner's death on camera.

By Seed of Truth, Nov 29 2014 07:52PM

Pregnant St. Louis woman loses left eye after police officer shoots non-lethal round at car (YAHOO NEWS)

By Michael Walsh

A pregnant St. Louis woman lost her left eye after a violent run-in with law enforcement earlier this week.

Dornnella Conners says an officer fired a non-lethal bean-bag round at the car she was in – shattering the passenger side window.

By Seed of Truth, Apr 24 2014 01:42PM

April 23, 2014 - Feds Beg Supreme Court to Let Them Search Phones Without a Warrant (WIRED)

By Andy Greenberg

American law enforcement has long advocated for universal “kill switches” in cellphones to cut down on mobile device thefts. Now the Department of Justice argues that the same remote locking and data-wiping technology represents a threat to police investigations–one that means they should be free to search phones without a warrant.

By Seed of Truth, Apr 24 2014 01:32PM

April 23, 2014 - Hidden surveillance recorders all over NYC are tweeting people’s conversations (The Daily Caller)

By Giuseppe Macri

A pair of artists have hidden recording devices in random public and private places around New York City and have been tweeting people’s private conversations for months as part of an experiment to increase surveillance awareness.

By Seed of Truth, Apr 24 2014 01:21PM

April 23, 2014 - RAF Typhoons scrambled to Russian Bombers (The Telegraph)

By Ben Farmer

The RAF scrambled Typhoon fighter jets to investigate Russian long-range bombers north of Scotland.

The quick-reaction fighters took off from RAF Leuchars after unidentified aircraft approached British airspace.

By Seed of Truth, Apr 24 2014 01:10PM

April 24, 2014 - In ‘message to Moscow,’ US troops land in Poland (Times of Israel)

By Anna Maria Jakubek

The first American troops arrived in Poland on Wednesday, after Washington said it was sending a force of 600 there and to the Baltic states amid rising tensions with Russia over Ukraine.

Some 130 soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade — nicknamed “Sky Soldiers” — touched down early afternoon in Swidwin, in the northwest of the country, and were welcomed by Poland’s defense minister.

By Seed of Truth, Apr 15 2014 06:22AM

April 14,2014 - Russian fighter jet buzzes U.S. Navy destroyer in Black Sea amid Ukraine crisis (Washington Post)

By Maggie Ybarra

A Russian fighter jet aggressively taunted an American warship in the Black Sea by making “numerous close-range low-altitude passes” and exhibiting what some Pentagon officials described as provocative behavior and unprofessional conduct.

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